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The River Speaks

Love is the river of life in the world.

I’m in Budapest this week! Sorry, I won’t be able to post anything.
Love you all.

Yeeeeeeeees it’s my birthday

The River Speaks

The River Speaks

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Okay so my girlfriends dad recently passed away and she has always been daddy's girl. I knew him and he was a really good man. She told me that she doesn't like how I always want to hold her hand, hug her, and other things cause it's a hard time right now. And I get that but I'm her girlfriend and I want to be there for her. I'm a very affectionate person and that's how I show my love to her. We're lesbians. Obviously. Please help and tell me what I should do. (We've been together for 3 years) asked by Anonymous

Hey love,
that’s truly, truly difficult. I don’t know if there’s a right way to deal with this, to help her. You cannot save her, you have to realize that. You can make things a bit easier, but all she wants now is her dad. She just can’t look past that. You should put yourself aside for a while now and be there for her, the way she wants you to be. Maybe she can’t take the affections right now, so find another way to show her your love. What’s her way to express her feelings? Words? Then talk to her or write notes. etc. Of course it’s really hard, but it will stay hard. It’s out of the question that it’s just a few weeks of grieving. It’ll be years of grieving, it just changes. It won’t be so present, but it’ll always be there. Show her your love in another way, surprise her, create something for her, listen to her, soothe her. Try to make things a little bit more bearable. I wish you all the best. Lots of hugs

This guy I like works in the same mall as me. I'm 19 and he seems around the age of 21ish.. Anyway he so so quite and shy. I summed up the courage to talk to him and he was surprisingly charming. He said he knew he was shy. But later on I saw him a couple days later and I said hey how are you and he said hi I'm good and then just walked away and I felt so stupid just standing there. Maybe he's nervous/scared? All I kno is I felt dumb for putting myself out there:/ asked by Anonymous

Hello lovely!
Don’t feel dumb! It’s great that you summed up the courage to talk to him. Not every conversation can be as sparkly as you want it to be. Just do not let this one event stop you from talking to him again! He might indeed be nervous or scared or maybe he was just busy. Promise me you’ll talk to him again. It’ll be fine. xxxxx

Hey Chris, I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out here. A couple of weeks ago a girl that I have always been friendly with (nothing more) asked my friends if I wanted to kiss her at her 18th party. I did so we kissed, then she asked again the following night and we did. Since then though I've really developed some feelings for her but she has seemed really uninterested in me, at school and at another party I saw her at. Does this mean something and if so why should I do? asked by Anonymous

Hi anon!
Yeah, that’s always hard. But I can’t tell you what she means. Just don’t try to interpret her behavior in one way or the other, unless you’re sure. If you really want to know what she wants, you should straightly ask her or a friend. If that’s too tricky, then I guess that you should just keep on talking to her, taking initiative and see how she responds. If it’s clear that she doesn’t talk back or doesn’t really care, you know she’s not interested.

Just don’t be too afraid. x

Have you ever thought of compiling your works into a book? Personally, I never post on the internet or on others' blogs but your work is so touching and heart-felt that I just thought you should know (: keep on inspiring those of us who don't have the words to say like you know how to. And thank you for that... asked by littleamandathoughts

Well, not really, no. But thank you so much, this is so, so sweet! It means a lot to me, to hear this. LOVE xxx

So, there is this guy and I really like him. He's 8 years older (I'm 17, he's 25). Because of my insecurities I'm way too scared to start a conversation with him. We've shared a few words, but my family does most of the talking. But I have caught him looking and smiling at me. My sister said that his eyes even follow me sometimes when I walk past him. It might be best for me to let him go, but it's so hard to forget about him. I just don't know what to. (P.S. your writings are so inspirational!) asked by Anonymous

Of course it’s hard to forget about him. These signs that he might like you are flattering and hopeful, but it always is when guys are showing interest, isn’t it? Ask yourself why you like him, do you like the attention or is it really about him? Be honest to yourself. Is this really what you want? The age difference is quite big, but not irreconcilable. You see, the thing with age differences is that he is in another stage of his life. He has other necessities and plans than you and you just have to make sure you know what you’re doing. x

Is it okay to fight for someone who doesn't want to be fought for? I just won't give up because I have hope for him, for us.. Do you think I should continue or spare myself and surrender? asked by Anonymous

You can keep on fighting, but will it change anything? Is it really worth it? All the pain and tears and fleeting hope? I don’t know the whole story, but just ask yourself: will things change? Why doesn’t he want to be fought for? Why do you want to keep on fighting? Or why not? It’s hard for me to tell you what to do, for I don’t know what has happened, but be honest to yourself and to him. x

How can I keep loving someone so much, even if I know he will never be good for me? Even if I know he will never make me happy by beeing himself, because actually he never really did. We are so different, and I steel love him so much you can't imagine. How can this possibly happen? asked by Anonymous

Well, of course it can happen, but you are the one to choose which organ to follow: your head or your heart? It’s about you, not about him. Do you choose to let someone like him threat you like this? Even though you like him, which happens all the time because feelings aren’t immediately gone, don’t you think you deserve someone better than him? Don’t you think you deserve someone who will love you for who you are, who will be good for you, who will always want the best for you. Choose for yourself now.

What do you do when you feel lost asked by Anonymous

Praying or playing the piano

What is your full name ? asked by Anonymous


Wow, spreek je Nederlands? :D asked by prettyyyblueeyes

Haha, ja ik studeer het zelfs!

Would you check out my art and writing on my blog? I love your work so I thought I'd ask. Thanks (: asked by uebelieve

It’s BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented! Keep on creating! <3

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