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The River Speaks

Love is the river of life in the world.

One day you will be glad to be able to open your eyes and feel the sun tickle your skin.

Its really hard not to focus on the pain that love causes, I mean i broke up with my boyfriend and I still love him,I love him so much it hurts. all those promises,all that laughter, the kisses, the hugs, and everything, it breaks my heart, because he took my soul. I burst into tears just thinking of him,and I cant get him out of my mind, and I cant sleep at night, even if i do i wake up so early at 5,or 6 , and then my heart aches, so girls "how can i get over him" is the stupidest Q. you cant. asked by Anonymous

You really think you’ll still feel like this years from now? Of course not. Don’t be so bitter. Don’t have so much self-pity. Yes, maybe you will always remember his promises and laughter and everything else. You might fall in love with him in your head over and over again. There are cold nights and hopeless mornings. But if you truly want to get out of it, you can. You can, because there is a strong power inside of you. It’s called love. And right now, you probably hate love more than anything in this world. But don’t push it away yet. It’s the only thing that will save you. And I’m not talking about romantic love. Romantic love is only a little piece of this greater Love. Romantic love can be impressive and overwhelming and passionate and strong. But it can also break hearts. And I’m really sorry that it broke yours.

But I hope you can look further than that. There is another love, a greater love. It’s the love for the world. The unconditional love for your family. The love for your friends. The love for your neighbour. The love for the helpless and hopeless. There is the love for new opportunities and surprises. There is the love for that sunset you just needed. There is the love for the sound of the raindrops on your window on a day you can stay inside. There is the love for strangers on the bus. The love for music that heals the soul, for books that make your heart sing again. The love for learning new things. The love for yourself. The love of accepting yourself each and every morning again. Of deciding that you are worth it. The love for life that will set you free. That will warm your heart and open new doors. You are more than your broken heart. You are more than this guy ‘you will never get over’. I hope you will discover this.

Tons of love,


if i sent you my writing would you critique it honestly? asked by Anonymous


You are like the sun. Radiating, bright and awe-striking. Never forget it. asked by klpoems

Thank you so much! <3 It means the world to me to hear this from you. 

How can I get over someone? asked by Anonymous


this may sound a bit rude, but I’ve received this question a lot so I made a special page for it. take a look, it might help. x

i have the fear of being replaced. im on a relationship for 1 year already and we really really love each other, im the first girl that he really fell for, he had over 45 girlfriends but it didnt last for more than 2 months each. but im always afraid that he will fall for another,and if he talks to his friends * girls * i get paranoid and my brother tells me if one day i lose him it will be because im very jelous , what must i do to stop being this jelous? he always gets angry cuz of this,, help asked by Anonymous

Jealousy can be very painful, mainly for yourself, but also for a relationship. At some point, it means you don’t completely trust him. You say that has a reason, but I still think you should talk about it with him. Not in an accusing way, but just tell him about your feelings and that you don’t want to feel that way, and ask him what he thinks you should do and what he can do to make it easier.

Love, Chris

If youre in a relationship for 11 months and you both love each other so much i mean you stay together or talk all day and everything is perfect and he makes promises like one day I'll marry you or I'll never leave or tells you stuff like ill never find someone like you and even your brother and your best friends like him han after 11 months he cheats on you and then tells you he doesnt know why he did it and he regrets it and never repeat it can i trust him? I'm feeling very bad extremely asked by Anonymous


Of course you are feeling very bad. And of course he says he regrets it and will never do it again. But cheating breaks trust in thousand pieces and you can’t just glue them together and get on with your life. Of course you still love him and still remember all those things he said to you and still says to you but he still cheated on you. You will always be afraid if he’ll do it again. You’ll doubt your relationship and you’ll doubt yourself. And that’s the last thing you should do. You are not to blame. You should not change. You should not be afraid that you aren’t good enough. You are good enough, but he just didn’t appreciate that. And you deserve someone who loves you for who you are and doesn’t get bored or distracted. Be honest with yourself: can you really carry on with this relationship? I’ve seen what cheating does to relationships and I think I can say that almost evertime, it breaks relationships beyond repair. Of course, it’ll hurt when you break up with him, but I think it’ll hurt you (in the end) even more when you keep on trying to pretend that it’ll still work.

I wish you all the best. X

Hey, there. I just saw your blog and think it's awesome! And, uh, I wish you can answer this. Well, I got into this situation when I fall in love with a guy from the internet. He's a very kind guy, and I want to know more about him, just because I fall in love with this guy. We've been communicating via e-mails and instant messengers. What should I do? Anyway, I'm sorry if my English isn't good. x asked by Anonymous

Hay! Thanks a lot! <3
Always be very careful when it comes to meeting people you met online. Keep in mind that people can choose to only show one part of who they are. Of course, that can also happen with people in real life, but you can look into their eyes. So, I’d say: don’t fall in love too easily. Get to know him better, try to skype with him and maybe you can meet him (or together with a friend).

Love, Chris

I'm seeing him this weekend I think. The guy I told you I would give my number to the next time I saw him, I'm seeing him this weekend I think. I'll give him my number? I'll give him my number. Yeah, definately going to give him my number. I think. asked by Anonymous

I hope you did :) Please tell me xxx

Please never stop writing or the world will be hurting even more. You are a light. Thank you. God bless you. asked by Anonymous

I can’t thank you enough for all this love <3

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