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The River Speaks

Love is the river of life in the world.

Oh, ps.! You are beautiful too~ :3 (Dahlia) asked by Anonymous


Hi~ I just wanted you to know you write beautifully! You describe love so uniquely, just how I see it and feel it... Neither a river of tears nor unlimited happiness, just the river of life which flow is accurate and unsettled all at the same time. So I want to thank you because after all this years, when people told me that my way of thinking about love is weird, you taught me that maybe (maybe!) I am the one that is right. With lots of love for how you write, Dahlia asked by Anonymous

Wow, thank you, Dahlia! Your way of thinking is not weird at all, I think it’s beautiful and rational at the same time. You can be proud of yourself, don’t ever let someone tell you that your way of thinking about love is weird. It isn’t. Lots of love back, you are great! xo

I hope that one day someone will see the good in me. I hope that one day I do not feel as sad as I do now, because I would like to know how it feels to be happy for once. All I want is for someone to sit and watch tv with me and just be there because they want to spend time with me, and for no other reason other than that. asked by Anonymous

Yes, I bet that day will come, but you shouldn’t live for it. I know this world tells you that once you’ve found ‘the one’, you’ll be happy and loved and the sun will always shine. But it’s not like that and you can find happiness in things that are much more lasting and reliable than the appreciation of another person. Feeling happy and content with yourself starts right now - if you want to. It’s up to you to decide that you are more than the hand you can hold on a friday night. That you can shine for other reasons than some promises whispered in your ear while watching the sunset. You’ve got a heart and it can beat for other things than someone else’s appreciation. So go, and find things that make your heart beat faster. Look around you and see that there are people who love you - and love them back. Look around and see that there are people who do not love you - love them anyway. You are great, but it comes from within. Find yourself and love yourself.

Love, C.

part 2. he's turning 18and im 16, its maybe ucz' he's growing up and he thinks his youth is already gone, i dont know what to think or feel. he said maybe i just need to miss you to see if i need you, but i cant do that, i burst into tears just thinking of taking a month break or smth, although we did on aprill but we still went out as friends.I just know for sure that I love him, like he's the only star on the sky. I dont wanna break up, what must we do? we talked about this..i need ur advice x asked by Anonymous


Everything sounds a bit strange. I don’t see any good reason for you two to break up. The only problem is that he doesn’t want to be committed to someone right now. It happens to loads of guys and girls at that age. They just want to be ‘free’ and I guess that has nothing to do with you. But talk to him and tell him that you do not want to break up, that your feelings are still the same. But if he doesn’t want to go on, he has to be honest with you as well. Even though it’s hard, you have to talk with him about it and accept the consequences.

Good luck xx

part 1. Im on a relationship for a year, and I love him so much,and i know that he loves me to, but last night he told me that he is scared that this relationship is a waste of time, maybe we're wasting our youth, hethinks that i dont love him,this is illusion, and i asked him so if this isnt love, do you feel anything for me? and he replied, yes i feel smth for you,but he's doubting our relationship.he's acting like he's still trying to win me, so he'll never lose me. asked by Anonymous

part 1.

Dearest Christianne. I hope You'll find someone who sees the cracks on your lips. I hope You'll find someone who finds you beautiful when the night shows all your insecurities. I hope You'll find someone who makes you feel drunk when you're sober, but most of all I hope You find someone with whom all this beauty that lies and circles around you shine even more brighter. Stay exactly the same. Because you are beautiful! And you are amazing! Thank you for everything, Lara. asked by Anonymous

Wow, Lara, I don’t know what to say. Thank you for all this love, it feels like a beautiful sunset after a rainy day (and it was a very, very rainy day today). xxxxx

Is it okay to being single for long time? I'm really enjoyed being single, even sometimes feels lonely too, hehe. I think I just don't know how to start relationship. I shouldn't force myself, right? your biggest fans :) asked by Anonymous

Of course it’s okay to be single for a long time! Being single gives you a great opportunity to learn things about yourself and to invest time in unfolding your personality. It’s a time to give yourself the colours you love and exploring the world without being committed to someone else. Enjoy it! Don’t be too afraid that it’s too long. You should never force yourself into a relationship. Your time will come, I promise. 
Lots of love, Chris

answering all the messages in my inbox atm, i’ll try to upload some words today or at least this week! love you all xoxx

If I could bottle all the marvellous things I saw during my vacation, I’d hold it close to my heart on days like this when the sky is full of sorrows.

One day you will be glad to be able to open your eyes and feel the sun tickle your skin.

Its really hard not to focus on the pain that love causes, I mean i broke up with my boyfriend and I still love him,I love him so much it hurts. all those promises,all that laughter, the kisses, the hugs, and everything, it breaks my heart, because he took my soul. I burst into tears just thinking of him,and I cant get him out of my mind, and I cant sleep at night, even if i do i wake up so early at 5,or 6 , and then my heart aches, so girls "how can i get over him" is the stupidest Q. you cant. asked by Anonymous

You really think you’ll still feel like this years from now? Of course not. Don’t be so bitter. Don’t have so much self-pity. Yes, maybe you will always remember his promises and laughter and everything else. You might fall in love with him in your head over and over again. There are cold nights and hopeless mornings. But if you truly want to get out of it, you can. You can, because there is a strong power inside of you. It’s called love. And right now, you probably hate love more than anything in this world. But don’t push it away yet. It’s the only thing that will save you. And I’m not talking about romantic love. Romantic love is only a little piece of this greater Love. Romantic love can be impressive and overwhelming and passionate and strong. But it can also break hearts. And I’m really sorry that it broke yours.

But I hope you can look further than that. There is another love, a greater love. It’s the love for the world. The unconditional love for your family. The love for your friends. The love for your neighbour. The love for the helpless and hopeless. There is the love for new opportunities and surprises. There is the love for that sunset you just needed. There is the love for the sound of the raindrops on your window on a day you can stay inside. There is the love for strangers on the bus. The love for music that heals the soul, for books that make your heart sing again. The love for learning new things. The love for yourself. The love of accepting yourself each and every morning again. Of deciding that you are worth it. The love for life that will set you free. That will warm your heart and open new doors. You are more than your broken heart. You are more than this guy ‘you will never get over’. I hope you will discover this.

Tons of love,


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